Touch Care Foundation

The Touch Care Foundation was born out of a desire to help finance the structural reconstruction and ongoing needs of a community and former boarding school based in Quipeio, Angola, Africa. Much of this region, including the school, were severely damaged during Angolan’s civil war back in the 80s and 90s.

Joe Carreira, Touch’s founder and CEO, prior to going to Canada as a war refugee, was one of the children benefiting from the educational facilities funded in Quipeio by the Catholic church and further supported through other individual and institutional organizations. As a consequence, the school would often remind its students that no matter where life were to take them, to give back to Africa what Africa was giving them. Touch Care Foundation was created in 2011 by Touch with this mission in mind.


The Foundation’s contributions to Quipeio have gone towards basic requirements such as building new roofs to help keep dormitories dry; building beds so kids would no longer need to sleep on the floor;  building bathrooms and repairing kitchens and canteens; equipment to help in the local agriculture to help feed the kids; and basic day to day needs such as meals.

One of Touch Care Foundation’s board members is the main community leader from the “Missão of Quipeio” itself. This ensures that we have first access to the local needs and priorities as we determine how to best use the money Touch sets aside for the Foundation (5% of all our profits goes to the project).

In 2018 the Foundation expanded its area of assistance to focus on children facing vulnerability in developing countries.

For the last three years, we have intensified our work in Brazil, focusing on financing long-term projects to benefit handicapped and special needs children in poverty areas. In that time, the Foundation has built health-related facilities and financed specialized consulting to professionalize small NGOs.

Touch Care Foundation is a project very close to our hearts, and it has been a great pleasure and honor to see it grow year after year. Established in the US in 2011, the Foundation is financially supported exclusively from a percentage of Touch Inflight Solutions' net profits.

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