Touch Partners With Whip Media To Revolutionize Inflight Entertainment

It’s a puzzling paradox of our times: as globalization spreads its wings, the personalized consumer experience has never been more expected, and it has now become the standard that drives services and products forward.

All over the globe, the digital streaming revolution has provided more and more choice, allowing each and every person to be the curator of its own entertainment. Consumers are watching more TV shows and Movies across multiple streaming platforms and they expect the same when they travel.

In this high choice, high personalization environment, staying in touch with consumer’s tastes across the world is vital to provide smart and engaging inflight entertainment solutions.

That’s why Touch Inflight Solutions has selected Whip Media’s Content Value Management (CVM) platform to assist in making a strategic content acquisition, licensing and programming recommendations for our clients’ inflight entertainment systems.

Continuously improving Inflight Entertainment with Analytics

Whip Media’s unique analytics tools provides the ability to understand what TV and Movie titles are trending in different countries and different platforms. Real-time consumer viewing and engagement data covers more than 4.5 million television episodes and movies across 130 countries and 1,100 platforms. This provides crucial insights that allows Touch to understand which TV and movie titles are most likely to resonate with passengers in various countries.

A smart choice for Passengers and for your Business  

CVM Insights will also enable Touch to leverage data that will help our airline partners to acquire and program the right content to increase ROI and maximize their budgets.

Specifically, Touch will utilize CVM Insights to track audiences’ intent to view film and TV show titles before they are released and predict which ones are highly anticipated by fans and likely to perform well across countries.

In addition, CVM Insights measures affinity correlation between multiple titles, based on their content tracking behavior, which can help companies’ acquisition decisions and programming curation.

"We’re excited to work with Whip Media and utilize their unique analytics platform to assist our clients to develop innovative content strategies based on data," said João Chaves, Director of Customer Service at Touch. "By leveraging Whip Media’s extensive insights on how consumers watch and engage with programming on a country level, we have a new measurement tool that will allow us to make smarter content investment decisions for our clients."

It’s time to offer personalized inflight entertainment that builds passenger engagement, increases ROI and maximizes airline’s budgets. It’s time for the smart Touch!


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