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At Touch, we are committed to bringing digital transformation into IFE, and Touch Media Center is a central piece of that unique disruption.

When talking about “disruption”, we refer to the “radical change to an existing industry or market due to technological innovation". Disruptive innovation or disruptive technology is a new concept, product, or service that either creates a new market segment or eventually disrupts an existing one. At Touch, we are committed to bringing digital transformation into IFE, and Touch Media Center is a central piece of that unique disruption.

Get to know Touch Media Center

Touch Media Center is a web-based proprietary platform that we’ve been developing and perfecting since last year. Touch Media Center will allow us to automate and transform the way-of-work of both us and our customers, integrating existing digital products such as Touch Analytics, IFE Microsites, and ABOVE. Consequently, we’ll be able to focus on streamlining content management and connecting all of our IFE touchpoints. Touch Media Center is an essential tool to connect and engage with our customers during the content curation and selection process, making everything digital and seamless.

The roadmap

TMC’s development and implementation are divided into three main phases. The first one, being launched now, is focused on internal usage. At this stage, the goal is to set up the foundations of what will be our content management, customer engagement, and streamlined processes for 2021 and beyond. We’re creating a database by transferring our content customer management to a single, well-streamlined, digital platform.

For the second phase, to be completed in Q1 2021, our customers will be invited to join and engage with us within the platform to discover and select content, schedule media deliveries, and get full access to their content offering. From our end, each team member will have a specific role assigned and a personalized dashboard.

The third and last phase will focus on connecting our tools. On one hand, we’re going to integrate our passenger usage data metrics and insights from Touch Analytics to automate the ingestion of our airline-customized IFE microsites infrastructure. On the other hand, we’ll also trigger the media processing orders that occur on our sister platform for cloud-based encoding: ABOVE. All these tools combined will allow us to not only navigate through a vast selection of available content but also target specific content assets (movies, tv shows, snackable content) to a particular set of routes because Touch Analytics shows customers in these routes engage more with that type of content.

Touch Media Center: the benefits

Touch Media Center is a growing platform, both in features and connections with the overall ecosystem of players and stakeholders in the IFEC arena. The primary purpose is to centralize the entire service flow, both customer and service operations, and the benefits are vast.

At Touch, Touch Media Center will enable us to disrupt our way of work, automating and centralizing all our content management processes. As an integrated platform, it will empower a disruption of the entire existing approach to content updates (the “cycles”), which make our industry so prone to lagging periods when an agile reacting time is such a big driver for our customers. From a CSP standpoint, we’ll be able to turnaround media updates much faster and, together with ABOVE, deliver media files in a matter of hours. In other words, it will shorten significantly the end to end process, delivering content on the same day to airlines. It’s a powerful and undoubtedly resourceful platform that allows us to serve our customers much better with a simple, innovative, and interactive tool.

Finally, Touch Media Center will give our customers the means to engage and interact with Touch in a single ecosystem. Touch Media Center is a unique web-based tool where all the relevant information about each customer’s media will be at one's disposal, from availability to usage, trailers to metadata, screening logs to ratings, and project management tools such as processing status. All in one place.

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