Touch evolves Delta Air Lines approach to inflight entertainment with new partnership

The new partnership, that started this January 2023, will solve content bottlenecks for Delta Air Lines, allowing the delivery of next-generation content experiences to passengers across 145,000+ seat-back screens.

Touch will provide a full scope of services – including automated media management, content licensing & analytics, media processing & delivery, and ongoing enablement of innovation – and leverage their suite of digital media tools to help Delta and their in-house teams deliver the next generation of inflight entertainment (IFE) to its passengers with greater efficiency than ever before. 

As consumer appetite for the latest content and media trends continues to grow, Delta, like most commercial airlines, has braved the setbacks arising from content bottlenecks common in the traditional IFE content supply chain. Over the past few years, Touch has been a key innovator in this space, bringing novel technologies to the market that address content bottlenecks and making it possible to deliver media onboard an aircraft in just 24 hours, a pivotal improvement from the established 60-day standard. These technologies include ABOVE, the first cloud-based media distribution platform, and Touch Media Center, a powerful IFE workflow platform. 

André Valera, Vice-President of Business Development at Touch, added, 

“We at Touch are extremely honored and excited to develop a strategic partnership with Delta, being part of a team that will champion innovation in the IFE world. Together, we will accelerate and improve customization, engagement, and relevance, delivering the Delta living room experience to passengers. It’s a journey that will challenge the status quo and unlock mutual growth!” 

André Valera
Vice-President of Business Development

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