Touch and LOT Polish Airlines renew partnership

Touch and LOT Polish Airlines celebrate partnership renewal, building on a year of collaboration highlighted by a strategic IFE workshop and productive Quarterly Business Review

We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our partnership with LOT Polish Airlines for another 3 years, marking a continued era of fruitful collaboration and innovation. At Touch, we pride ourselves on working with some of the world's premier airlines, and we are delighted to continue our alignment with LOT, a partner equally committed to excellence in the Inflight Entertainment (IFE) space. This partnership is exciting for both teams, promising more years of shared achievements and advancements..

The past years with LOT have been distinguished by significant milestones, including our recent quarterly business review (QBR). This review was an invaluable opportunity to reflect on our collaborative efforts, delve into content performance analyses, and fine-tune our content strategies. A particular highlight was our active involvement in LOT's annual IFE Strategy Workshop, a forum showcasing our partnership’s strength.

Rafał Droś, Fleet Configuration & IFE Specialist at LOT Polish Airlines, captured the spirit of our collaboration during this pivotal event:

“Last month, in collaboration with Touch, we successfully conducted our annual IFE Strategy Workshop, setting the stage for an innovative and strategic approach to shaping our special content for the coming year. Bringing together a dynamic team from various departments within LOT, the workshop proved to be a confluence of diverse perspectives and expertise. This cross-functional collaboration allowed us to explore fresh ideas and develop a comprehensive strategy to enhance the IFE experience in 2024. Our commitment to excellence and seamless collaboration was further reinforced by the recent renewal of our contract, marking another chapter of close partnership between Touch and LOT. This shared enthusiasm has contributed to the development of a forward-thinking roadmap that aligns with our overarching business objectives. As we move through 2024, we are confident that the outcomes of this workshop will play a pivotal role in shaping the IFE landscape for our valued passengers."

Collaborating with innovation-driven partners like LOT makes our work highly rewarding and deepens our understanding of our partners and their objectives. This synergy enables us to support LOT in delivering world-class passenger experiences that meet the dynamic demands of today's travelers.

As we embark on this new chapter, our team remains dedicated and inspired by our partnership with LOT Polish Airlines. We are eager to build upon our past successes, focusing our joint efforts on enhancing the inflight entertainment experience for their passengers. Here's to continuing our journey toward even more extraordinary achievements in the next three years!

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