Touch and LATAM Airlines Group to Extend Innovative IFE Partnership by 5 Years

Touch is pleased to announce a five-year extension of its partnership with LATAM Airlines Group (LATAM), Latin America’s leading airline group.

The milestone marks both the partnership's existing success and the ongoing and innovative advantages that solidify Touch as the preferred IFE provider for LATAM. Over the next five years, Touch and LATAM plan on doubling down on their existing work to continue delivering best-in-class inflight entertainment experiences for LATAM passengers.

Maintain "LATAM Play" as the IFE standard in the region

Touch and LATAM will continue to deliver unique and exclusive content experiences to passengers on LATAM's onboard entertainment platform, "LATAM Play." The content will continue to reflect LATAM's identity—Latin American roots with a global reach—and serve as both an inflight entertainment standard in the region and a unique competitive advantage for LATAM.

"Our partnership with LATAM allows us to offer passengers a truly unique and culturally rich inflight entertainment experience,"

said João Chaves, Touch's Director of Customer Service.

"The exclusive content reflects LATAM's commitment to providing a personalized journey that connects passengers with the diverse and vibrant essence of Latin America."

Jaime Cornejo, Director of Cabin Interior & Inflight Entertainment at LATAM, also shared his perspective on the partnership:

"This agreement is a continuity of 3 successful years working together. We are happy to continue working with Touch. Bringing the entertainment to the next level, providing unique relevant experience, celebrating the highlight of our region, and having world-class curated content."

Content analytics as a driving force for curation

Viewership analytics from onboard seat-back screens and passenger devices will continue serving as a driving force for best-in-class content curation. This will allow LATAM to provide rich content personalization that evolves in line with changing passenger preferences.

Expanding LATAM Play as a powerful engagement platform

Beyond just serving content, Touch and LATAM will expand the role of LATAM Play into a powerful passenger engagement tool, creating new and unique touch points where LATAM can connect with passengers about its brand, offerings, and loyalty program.

"We are proud to continue as LATAM's trusted inflight entertainment partner,"

said André Valera, Touch's VP of Business Development.

"Touch offers the rare blend of regional market expertise, unmatched content capabilities, and commitment to continued innovation. We eagerly anticipate enhancing our solutions to serve LATAM over the next five years."

This partnership extension highlights the ongoing success LATAM and Touch have built together over the years. It also kicks off an exciting next chapter focused on elevating entertainment, engagement and innovation across LATAM's entire passenger journey.

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