Our Approach and Connection to the IFE World

At Touch, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond for our customers. There are countless ways, which we can use to improve the Inflight Entertainment acquired by an airline.

One of the most important factors in the operations side of the timeline is our communication with the labs belonging to the major studios.

Our main approach is to personally visit each lab in California’s movie universe in order to establish this ongoing connection. Our Operations Coordinator, Hiram Vargas, shared his personal experience on one of these occasions,

“Being able to spend time visiting the labs and seeing the other side of the business has helped me to build a better understanding of the process. This greatly benefits the requests of our customers.”

We believe that everything in life, including our jobs, is about the relationships one creates with another. It is one completely different relationship when you only communicate and ask for certain tasks to be completed via email. When you compare this to the type of relationship that is built on the grounds of actually taking interest on who these persons at the lab are, what their work style entails of and see a sneak peak at their true personality…there is a world of difference!


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