Introducing Touch Media Center 3.0

Touch announced the launch of the latest version of Touch Media Center, the third version and major update of the proprietary, innovative and automated media management platform for inflight entertainment.

The updates usher the industry into a new era, bringing novel and powerfully automated features to the hands of its airline partners. Selecting content, keeping track of it, and analyzing its performance has never been easier.

Touch Media Center and Touch Analytics in one place.

Touch Analytics dashboards and reports now live inside Touch Media Center, allowing the user to have access to both tools without switching between apps. This includes access to content performance, passenger satisfaction and financial tracking.

Two-way collaboration on content selection.

Collaborating on content is easier than ever. Airline partners can now make their full content discovery and selection inside the platform, a true shopping-cart experience without back-and-forth email exchanges.

Onboard content tracking.

Airline partners can now go through the content catalog onboard, as well as any previous media libraries, and with granularity on a per date and per inflight entertainment system basis

Automated contract management.

All contract details, from the licensing agreements, subscriptions, and respective content allowances, to the ordering and invoicing processes, are now automated, bringing a new level of efficiency to the entire ecosystem.

Centralized metadata.

Metadata is now fully managed through Touch Media Center, translated, stored in the cloud and automatically uploaded to meet the criteria of any inflight entertainment user interface, removing the need for managing complex databases and avoiding manual configurations.

Touch Media Center makes media management easier, faster and more efficient than ever!

João Chaves
Director of Customer Services & Operations

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