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How Does Touch Prepare Content for the Most Luxurious Aircraft in the World?

Yes, Crystal AirCruises is a TOUCH customer and we are very thrilled to look after the Crystal Skye, a Boeing 777-200LR’s IFE, considered the most luxurious aircraft in the world.

The aircraft, that originally has a capacity for 300 passengers, has been retrofitted to serve a total of 88 lucky passengers with all the comfort and luxury you may find in a 5-star hotel. This private plane can fly up to 20 hours, without the need of additional fuel. With plenty of onboard attractions available, TOUCH proudly guarantees more than 100 hours of the best content, from movies, concerts and TV shows to music, to the 24″ touchscreen monitors available in each seat.

“We offer an upscale entertainment package with the simple goal of delighting the very special customers who seek a unique experience onboard Crystal AirCruises. In order to add this special “touch”, we make sure to always be close to the Producers and Distributors from Hollywood and the ones specializing in local content. My team and I do this so that we can offer the world’s biggest movies, highly awarded programs, regional content and special selections for kids…everything available in several languages” says Mariana Peçanha – Director of Customer Service.

Crystal’s Boeing 777-200LR is available for customized charter programs. Crystal will assist you with all planning for your charter both in the air and on the ground. You choose the destinations and travel experiences and Crystal provides a turn key VIP operational experience. Imagine a charter for 88 guests with all the luxuries only Crystal AirCruises can provide. If you’re still not convinced, discover all the eccentricity and luxury of Crystal Skye:

1- Seats that turn into fully reclining beds

The seats recline into beds that are almost 2 meters long, plus cashmere blankets and goose down pillows that will tuck in just about anybody.

2- You can offer a private dinner for 24 people

In addition to an exclusive Chef, the aircraft has a large bar and four dining tables with seating for six people each. All seats have safety belts so you feel safe at all times during your mouth-watering dinner.

3- Wine cellar for more than 200 bottles

The Michelin Chef, can prepare delicious meals, as well as suggest a premium list of wines that match the dish. Talk about luxury!

4- Six spacious and equipped restrooms

The restrooms even have windows, which completely differ from the standard of other aircraft’s cramped restrooms, plus let’s not forget the use of lavish toiletries.

5- Great crew. Great team

In addition to the pilots, 8 flight attendants and the Chef, Crystal Skye has 2 staff members to supervise food and beverages. And since your entire trip has to be perfect, from start to finish, engineers and employees who provide inflight and ground support also form part of the Crystal team.

Crystal Skye is really magnificent, comfortable and makes you feel right at home. When you step into the aircraft and onto the spotless, opulent white carpet, you take off your shoes and your experience of luxury and glamour begins.


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