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Building Brand Value Through Meaningful Content Curation & Data Insights on IFE

Airlines lost over $35B in brand value last year. Here at Touch we help our airline partners rebuild that value by helping them connect with their guests using meaningful content curation.

Airline brands continue to feel the effect of the pandemic. According to Brand Finance, the world’s top airlines lost over $35 billion in brand value last year.

The reality is that we, as consumers, have evolved. We expect brands to do more for society, especially during turbulent times, and we want them to align with our unique and diverse set of values. In fact, over half of consumers say they buy or advocate for a brand based on their beliefs and values. Can you blame us?

But like Albert Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Airline brands have an opportunity to build and rebuild brand value by finding new and innovative ways to connect with their guests.

Here at Touch, we help our airline partners seize this opportunity by gaining a deep understanding of their brand DNA and delivering meaningful content curation and data insights on their in-flight (IFE) systems.

Our Approach

We’re content experts, data buffs, and brand empaths. We love to dive deep into the brand DNA of our partners to help deliver a world of entertainment for their guests that compliments their brand.

Back in 2015, LATAM began to focus its business around sustainability, considering itself an “actor that promotes social, environmental, and economic development…” We love this and we would ask ourselves, “How might we leverage meaningful content curation and data insights to help them share this vision with their guests?”

Meaningful content curation is one thing, but the reality is that no matter how good the content might seem to you or us, if your guests don’t engage with or care for it, then it’s not a good fit. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Using data to inform our content curation decisions, we help you find the ideal combination of IFE to keep guests delighted and, most importantly, connected with your brand.

WestJet x Calm

Most recently, we helped WestJet deliver on its brand promise of “Safety Above All” by connecting them with the leading mental wellness brand, Calm, to provide their library of music, meditation exercises, and sleep stories directly on WestJet Connect, their inflight entertainment platform. The partnership was nothing short of zenful, giving guests a chance to take a deep breath, disconnect, and focus on their mental wellbeing.

"As part of WestJet's Safety Above All promise, we are committed to prioritizing our guests' physical AND mental well-being. Touch was able to bring together Calm and WestJet in a seamless fashion as both brands have an unwavering commitment to mental health and overall well-being. By having Touch as a partner, we consistently bring meaningful and relevant content to our guests."


Actions speak louder than words, and this is especially true for airline brands looking to build and rebuild brand value in a post-pandemic world. By leveraging their IFE, meaningful content curation, and data insights, airlines can align their brand with content that communicates their values to their guests, helping guests feel connected and, in turn, helping your brand value increase.

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